Seasonal Menu

"Edible Rhineland"

Homemade bread | 7-herb raw milk butter

sorrel | chervil | burnet | piment d'Espelette

the Soup

Rhenish potato soup | green asparagus | pumpkin seed oil | tarragon gremolata

potatoes from Rommerskirchen | pickled radishes | raw marinated asparagus salad

the bowls

We always serve our freshly baked house bread and 7-herb raw milk butter with our salads

caramelized goat cheese | wild meadow herbs | peach

Fresh goat cheese from Vulkanhof | honey from Bienwerk | grilled peach | fresh raspberries | roasted red peppers | wild herb salad | pumpkin seed crunch

Kinoa from Cologne | colorful baked beets | green pea vegan

The first Kinoa from Cologne | green pea guacamole | fresh watercress | colorful baked beets | pickled red onions | blueberries | hazelnut

the Favorites

Seven Hills Vesper Platter

Air-dried ham from free-range pig | various cheeses from Thomashof | smoked Bergische trout from Hahn fish farm | sustainable organic aquaculture with pure spring water | pickled vegetables from the Rhine Valley | beet and cassis jam | homemade bread | 7-herb raw milk butter

Roast beef from pasture-raised beef | new potatoes | smoked corn

Roast beef from young free-range beef | 250 g medium grilled | roasted new potatoes | freshly grated horseradish | sour cream | chive oil | smoked sweet corn | wild herb salad

Himmel un Ääd

Handmade fresh bratwurst | lovage potato mash | fine Riesling sauerkraut | crisp apple compote | 2 kinds of Monschauer mustard

Baked vegetables from the Rhine Valley | coconut milk | kaffir lime vegan

Fresh vegetables from our farmers | sweet potatoes from Heinrich Trippen | coconut milk | lemongrass | kaffir lime rice | crispy pointed cabbage slaw | fresh coriander

Fresh fettuccine | lime side mushrooms | young spinach

Fettuccine | roasted lime oysters | 7-herb pesto | baby spinach | shaved Grana Padano | parsley crunch

The Seven Hills Signature Burger

Brioche Burger Bun | melted shallots | cheese from Thomashof | beetroot-cassis jam | Monschauer mustard mayo | hand-cut fries from Kartoffelkult from Rommerskirchen

optionally with

200 g Dry Aged Beef Patty from the old dairy cow or

Grilled portobello mushroom marinated with black garlic and shoyu

The sweet end

Cheesecake "San Sebastián-Style" | Vanilla-Apricots | Granola

Semi-liquid Cheesecake | Vanilla-Apricots | Currant | Homemade Oat Granola

Death by Chocolate | Lime | Espresso also vegan

70% chocolate | baked without flour | espresso honey mascarpone | Bienwerk honey from the southern city | lime sorbet